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CEO MegX Seafood, Tolu Ojo Contact: What’s App/Call +2348062304219

(See my short video on Catfish below)

MegX Delicacies Seafood, have now started supplying seafood in Lagos, Nigeria.

Committing to supplying fresh Seafood to our clients, we are now offering fresh, quality sourced Cat Fish to our customers.  Our Catfish is of the highest quality, sourced from farms with dedicated and skilled aqua culturists who ensure the fish are high in protein, vitamins and minerals fish.

MegX Seafood also supply/sell our catfish either, Live, Fresh (Cleaned chopped and on ice) or Freshly Smoked. Presently, we also supply/sell Panla (Stock fish), Fresh crabs, Cray fish and Freshly Smoked Prawns.

We currently supply wholesale to hotels, restaurants and businesses, we also sell retail to smaller retailers, homes and families.  We also take orders from the diaspora and deliver to their families back home.  In the near future we aim to expand our operations into the diaspora.

In our current climate where we are all trying to stay safe and healthy, fish is one of the foods identified as high in minerals such as Zinc and Iron. Filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D & B2 it has been deemed an important food to help with the fight of the Coronavirus. Comprehensive studies have also shown that seafood can decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, and hypertension.

Discover the delight of delicious tasting fish in your food today!!!

Contact us now (What’s App/Call +2348062304219) and we will arrange delivery of your fresh, tasty and nutritious seafood produce.

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