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MegX Delicacies

Introducing MegX Delicacies

Preparing authentic African dishes since 1995, MegX delicacies has been catering for corporate and private events for over two decades. We have recently been exploring infusions incorporating Asian & Anglo influences and culinary flavours to appeal and service our increasing diverse clientele with varied palates.
With a 4 Star Food & Hygiene rating, our kitchen adheres to cooking food with procedures that provide an effective system for the control of food safety, from the processing and handling raw ingredients, the incorporation of standard Food and Hygiene principles and the attention to managing allergens during distribution and sales. MegX Delicacies always maintains a consistent standard of excellence in it service delivery and conduct, with the satisfaction of our customers underpinning our approach at all times..
Our kitchen also supports events, pop-up’s and parties by providing and serving delicious foods with aromas that will tempt you to taste! Foods cooked to seduce your taste buds and ultimately always guarantee your satisfaction.
MegX Delicacies has recently provided our services at the following events:
The Woolwhich Dockyard Festival
African Food & Drink Festival 2018,
Bode’s Place pop-up events
Private dinner party for 20 – 3 course meal,
The HER Centre Stakeholder Events
….and many others ……
We have a great cooking team on hand to run our events, making sure we incorporate authentic preparations and appealing presentations of healthy and well-balanced meals. MegX operations are underpinned by a culture of love, passion and dedication. We are committed to producing rich opulent courses designed for people with refined tastes and a passion for authenticity.
Walk with us and discover the joy in the authentic tastes of MegX Culinary Creations. Our operations include an excellent team of organisers who coordinate the delivery of a quality assured service tailored made to suit any specified event.
We will be providing further information on how we can help you create and facilitate a fantastic explosion of culinary experiences at your events!

Read about the science behind cooking a great tasting Jollof Rice here.

  MegX – The Personal Chef!

In my journey as a chef and provider of solutions to affairs that involve cooking on a grand or small scale, I have always been stopped and asked by people outside my race and cultural background about the type of foods we African’s eat.  The most curiosity is always around Jollof Rice, how it is prepared and what makes it differ from Nation to Nation ….My blog explains some of the reasons why this could be the case.

After a recent goat-meat taster pop-up session organised by Bode’s Place, I was plagued with people’s curiosity around ‘curried goat’!  Of course this is plain old ‘goat-meat’ to us, but globally the ‘goat-meat’ is so much more of a delicacy and people of different race and cultures cook this animal in various different ways….

Lets start at the very top  … Billy here has kindly agreed to be my model ….

Lets start with the Goat-Head! which looks a bit like the snap-shot of Billy my friend.

There are quite a number recipes that use this part of the goat to prepare delicious rustic dishes, some of the more popular ones are:

  • Isi-Ewu
  • Goat Head Curry
  • Goat Head Pepper soup

The Goat’s Skin ………this is one of the preferred part of the Goat for me, and for many other Africans and it is very versatile to cook.

You cold either buy your goat with the skin on or off, or you could just use the skin on it’s own to cook dishes such as:

  • Asun.
  • Peppered fried goat meat.
  • Goat Meat pepper-soup.

Other Wild Goat Meat Parts, consist of the parts such as Neck, Shoulder, Ribs, Loins, leg, Hind-Shank, Flank, Breast and Fore-shank

Goat meat is one of the easiest meats to cook.  It is quite tender, juicy and has a unique flavour that some might need to develop a taste for … but all in all these goats parts can be grilled, fried, smoked, barbecued, Stewed, braised or roasted to produce mouth watering dishes ……



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