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Service Delivery

As part of our solutions on offer, MegX provides a solutions framework relating to the delivery of services with a focus on the following areas:

  1. Provision of solutions for 3 levels of support:
  • Basic Customer Service support – Core Customer Service Competencies
  • Detailed specific Product/Service Support – Business Specific Competencies
  • Handling of Complex Non-standard Issues – Problem/Resolution Competencies
  1. Provision of solutions in support of Information \Technology:
  • Databases
  • Business Intelligence Technology
  • ETL Platforms
  • Internet/Web Applications
  • Application of other Technologies (SharePoint, MS Office etc.)
  • Support Services for mobile, web and desktop applications

IT & Digital Solutions

We also provide IT and digital solutions in all business areas – Through the intelligent use of digital solutions we provide IT consultancy and development in these areas

  • Customer Experiences
  • Operational Processes
  • Business Models

Our IT solutions will enable you to conduct businesses with clients with the right understanding of how to use a mix of digital capabilities to execute your business and to evolve into a digitally focused organisation by adopting the latest technologies to provide services.

  • 1. Increasing revenue through the use of better systems
  • 2. Lowering costs for increased profits
  • 3. Reducing overall risks of the organisation

Crypto-Awareness Portfolio (New)

MegX Solutions also provides an introductory portfolio and insight to the world of Crypto-currency with one of this generation’s enlightened Crypto-Guru’s – ‘Rich Bit’

Our Crypto-Awareness Programme introduces you to digital currency and how encryption techniques are used to regulate the development of units of currency and how funds are verified during transactions.

Our portfolio will introduce you to the silent revolution of these technologies and how they can influence businesses now and in the future:

  • Understanding Crypto
  • Understanding Block-chain Technology
  • Introduction to mining
  • Investments

Our Crypto Awareness portfolio provides a birds-eye view and understanding of the functionality and possibilities of the blockchain

  1. Marketing and Promotion Solutions:
  • Profiling businesses to evaluate marketing priorities and goals
  • Existing website appraisal
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – enabling first page listings on search engines
  • User-friendly navigation – Clients are able to find your products/services with ease
  • Clean Code – Enabling faster loading of web-sites.
  • Identifying opportunities for your web-site
  • Providing solutions around business gifts and promotional products
  • Digital/Social Media – Marketing – Analysis of existing media promotions
  • Business Intelligence Technology
  • ETL Platforms
  • Internet/Web/Mobile Applications

Solutions for Optimum Operations Management

We help organisations achieve and maximise their goals by developing and incorporating an effective and efficient operation structure to enhance service delivery and maximise profits.

MegX Solutions provides solutions to ensure consistent competitiveness, boost operational efficiency in all areas of operations and productivity.

Improving operations is always achievable, limiting losses and increasing marketability will facilitate larger rewards.

Our support portfolio analyses these aspects of your business to facilitate improvements in this area:

  • Business Plans
  • Engagement with current and past customers
  • Costing
  • Administrative Procedures
  • IT Solutions
  • Performance – Emotional Resilience & Self Awareness
  • Social Media marketing and Promotions
  • Customer Service Platforms

Event Management – Provided by MegX Delicacies

This arm of our business solution portfolio facilitates the delivery of seamless and high quality corporate events from start to finish. The delivery of a successful quality events is our number one priority. Our portfolio includes

  • Venue sourcing
  • Promoting & Management of all aspects of event
  • Providing Catering facilities via MegX Delicacies
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