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ISI-EWU (Goat-Head)

A Short Background

Isi-Ewu (goat-head) is a popular delicacy prominently associated with the Igbo tribe in the Eastern part of Nigeria.  This delicacy is normally presented as mounds of succulent parts of the goat head cooked to perfection using Palm-Oil, Peppers and Delicate Spices, traditionally served in a wooded deep dish bowl and demolished using the best cutlery everyone has access to …. Your fingers!!!

This delicate dish that has become one of the most sought-after dishes in Nigeria today, it actually has its roots traced as far back as the pre-civil war era.  Goat-heads were disposed of by middle class families, labelled as one of the most undesirable parts of the goat, some families would give these parts to the local indigenes or the poorer members of the communities to feed their families.


The outbreak of a severe form protein malnutrition, Kwashiorkor, which affected the young and vulnerable during and after the Biafra war prompted a large-scale feeding programme which also encouraged the local communes to source for any and all types of proteins to help fight this debilitating disease.

It was during this era that the goat-head came into its own! It made its way to the top of the culinary scale and became one of the most sought after delicacies in that region and beyond … Still is!

Look out for my comprehensive Isi-ewu recipe ……


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